Fremantle Water Polo: Round 3 Recap | Queensland Thunder & Hunter Hurricanes

Last weekend, our Fremantle teams travelled across to the eastern states to take on two teams, Queensland Thunder and the Hunter Hurricanes, for round 3 of the 2020 season.

Games took place each day across two cities from Thursday, 6 February through to Sunday, 9 February.


The Fremantle Mariners won all four games – two against Queensland Thunder and two against New South Wales outfit, Hunter Hurricanes

We caught up with coach, Adam Richardson, on how the boys went this round:

How are the Mariner’s feeling after winning all their games over Round 3?

We are happy we won all games, but the four games make the trip hard, particularly when some of our experienced players couldn’t come. We expected the teams we played will be down the bottom of the ladder at the end of the season, so it was important for us to win these games to ensure we qualify for the finals.

What kind of preparation did the team need to get through the travel demands for last weekend?

We didn’t do much different to other years, but we took an extra player across to help over the 4 games.

How do you think the other teams are performing this season so far? Is there a team to watch out for at this point of the competition?

The teams are really split into five good teams and five weaker teams. All we need to do is win against the weaker teams to ensure we make finals. There it’s a different game and anyone can win.

Are there any take-aways or notes for the team heading into Round 4?

We will have to rotate some players to give people an opportunity and see how they go. We also have two of our more experiences players back for this week, which will be good.

This is another hard week, with four games in a row. How do you think the Mariners will match up to the ACU Cronulla Sharks and Sydney University in Round 4?

Cronulla are rebuilding their team, so we should win both of these games while Sydney Uni are one of the best teams in the league. We will need to play well if we want to win.


Thursday 06/02 – Fremantle def. QLD Thunder 14-4

Friday 07/02 – Fremantle def. QLD Thunder 12-11

Saturday 08/02 – Fremantle def. Hunter Hurricanes 19-13

Sunday 09/02 – Fremantle def. Hunter Hurricanes 12-10



After an initial loss on in their first game, the Marlins won all 3 games remaining games last week against Queensland Thunder and Hunter Hurricanes.

We sat down with coach, Katie Finucane, on how the girls are feeling after Round 3:

It was a big road trip last week, what were spirits like after the initial loss to Queensland Thunder on the Thursday?

We re-grouped after the first game, looked at what worked for us and what didn’t so we could make the necessary changes the next day. We felt confident that we could improve our game and come out with a win the following day, which we did!

What confidences did the girls take after the Friday win?

It was good to see that the ladies were able to reset after the initial loss and go in to the second game fresh. We started very strong and although we let them creep back into the game a bit in the final quarter, we played 3 solid quarters of water polo. Going goal for goal swapping the lead in the last 2 minutes I think has aged me a few years, but thankfully Zoe Arancini scored the final goal from over halfway on the buzzer – winning us the game and not giving Thunder any time to respond. Also, thankfully I am naturally youthful looking!😉

How did the Marlins feel after the huge win at the Hunter Hurricanes games?

The wins against Hunter were a great opportunity for our younger players to show what they bring to the team and they didn’t disappoint.

How do you feel the season is shaping up for the Marlins coming out of Round 3?

I think we have shown that we have a real chance and not to be taken lightly.

This is another hard week with 4 games in a row here at home. How do you think the Marlins will match up to the ACU Cronulla Sharks and Sydney University over Round 4?

I think that this will be one of, if not the, toughest round of our whole season. They are both quality sides but hopefully we can come off with some wins and set ourselves up in a good position for the rest of the season.


Thursday 06/02 – QLD Thunder def. Fremantle 9-6

Friday 07/02 – Fremantle def. QLD Thunder 10-9

Saturday 08/02 – Fremantle def. Hunter Hurricanes 18-6

Sunday 09/02 – Fremantle def. Hunter Hurricanes 15-3


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