Fremantle v UNSW Wests: Round 7 Re-Cap:

Round 7 of the 2019 OVO AWL Season started for Fremantle on Thursday night with the Marlins taking on the in form UNSW Killer Whales.

Marlins v UNSW Killer Whales: Game 1

The first quarter was hotly contested as the girls adapted to the playing style of the Killer Whales. Glencora McGhie, who has looked very dangerous recently scored our first goal of the match. The Killer Whales outscored us in the first quarter and led 1-2 at the break.

McGhie scored her second goal to tie the scores at 2-2. UNSW responded with a flurry of goals to lead us 2-6 before goals from McGhie and Zoe Arancini brought us within two goals. UNSW scored just before half time to extend their lead to three goals. Half Time score 4-7.

UNSW started the third quarter well with a long range goal through Southern, putting them up by four goals. Marlins veteran Kelly Parks responded with a beautiful lob shot over the goalkeeper. This was followed by Arancini converting her second goal to bring the Marlins back within just two goals. UNSW and the Marlins then went goal for goal with each other as the third quarter ended with UNSW leading 7-9.

Chloe Nella got the first of the last quarter bringing the Marlins within one goal, however UNSW scored back one of their own. The skipper Erin Redbond then scored her first in a clutch moment, as the Marlins came to within just one goal of UNSW. Coach Katie Finucane then called a timeout with 23 seconds left to gather the girls for one last attack to try and level the scores. The girls passed the ball around as they looked to find an opening, however it wasn’t to be. It was a great comeback by the girls who were down by as much as four goals early in the game.


GOALSCORERS: 3:Arancini, McGhie, 1:Redbond, Parks, Nella

Pia Rodgers looks for an opening

Mariners v UNSW Magpies: Game 1

Coming in to this match The UNSW Mens were on top of the AWL Ladder for season 2019. It was the biggest test the boys had faced this year, but in typical Fremantle fashion they were up for the fight.

Will Mackay won the first possession to start the game as he has done all season. Mackay followed up his good work by striking with the first goal for the match, getting the Mariners off to a flying start. Tom Prior made it two in a row as the Mariners led 2-0. UNSW quickly responded however to make it 2-1. Davis “Tuck” Verboon then got on board, followed by Luke Pavillard to lead UNSW 4-1 at the end of the quarter. The Mariners had all the momentum and were playing fast, team oriented water polo.

UNSW are a quality outfit however and the boys knew that they would respond. Richie Campbell got the first of the second quarter for them, as they went on the attack again but were stopped in their tracks by Mariners goalkeeper John Hedges. A low scoring quarter, and at Half Time the Mariners led UNSW 4-2.

There was only one goal for the 3rd quarter, scored by Ford of UNSW. The Mariners took a 4-3 lead in to the final quarter at Bicton Pool. The Magpies scored the first of the last quarter, tying the scores 4-4. Mariner James Fannon scored on the buzzer to put Freo back up, followed by a quick reply from UNSW who scored back to back goals to lead the Mariners 5-6. Luke Pavillard scored a great clutch goal to equalise the scores at 6-6, and with just a minute left the siren rang for a draw. We were headed to penalties.

Penalty 1: Hedges save, Pavillard goal. Penalty 2: Magpies goal, Mariners goal (Mackay). Penalty 3:Magpies goal, Kremers-Taylor goal to put us up 3-2. Penalty 4:Magpies goal, Fannon goal (4-3 lead to the Mariners). Penalty 5:Magpies goal, Tomasevic goal off the post to win penalties 5-4 for the Mariners.


GOALSCORERS: 3: Pavillard, 2: Mackay, Fannon, 1: Tomasevic, Verboon, Prior, Kremers-Taylor

James Fannon on the attack

Marlins v UNSW Killer Whales: Game 2

After a two day break, the Marlins hosted the UNSW Killer Whales again at Bicton Pool on Saturday night. The weather was perfect and a packed crowd was in attendance to cheer on Freo.

The Marlins got off to a great start through their leading goalscorer in Zoe Arancini, followed by a quick response by UNSW. Glencora McGhie then scored to give the Marlins a 2-1 lead. Arancini and McGhie were looking very sharp early and were in fine form, each coming off three goal performances in Game 1 against UNSW.

UNSW scored back to back goals to lead the Marlins 2-3, before Kelly Parks scored to tie the scores up 3-3. Lilian Hedges was looking very strong in goals as she deflected two scoring opportunities by UNSW on transition. Arancini and McGhie combined again for back to back goals, putting the Marlins lead out to 5-3. This barrage of goals was replicated by UNSW who followed with two goals of their own to level the scores. Arancini for the Marlins scored her third goal of the night, giving the Marlins a one goal lead. Another quick response from UNSW saw them draw level with the Marlins just before the siren. Half Time score: 6-6

Madelaine Quinn scored the first of the third quarter with a goal from a tight angle, which was followed by back to back goals from UNSW as they earnt themselves a 7-8 lead. The superstar Arancini showed that she was going to have a big say in this game, scoring her fourth goal to tie the scores 8-8 going in to the final quarter. We were in for another close finishing match that would go down to the wire.

UNSW scored the first of the final quarter to lead the Marlins 8-9. They continued to attack, but Lilian Hedges was strong holding them off in defence. Marlins coach Katie Finucane called a timeout to rally the girls to ensure they remain composed heading in to the last five minutes of the match. Arancini came out of the blocks firing, taking it upon herself to score the equaliser at 9-9 with a minute remaining as UNSW called a timeout. No one could score in the last minute so we entered in to penalties. Another thrilling finish at Bicton Pool!

Unfortunately, the Marlins could not convert on penalties. This meant the girls had suffered two heartbreaking 1 goal losses in both games against UNSW. This was a great effort by the girls considering UNSW were in fine form in 3rd place on the AWL Ladder.

FINAL SCORE: 11-12 on penalties

GOALSCORERS: 5: Arancini, 2: McGhie, Quinn, 1: Parks, Chaves

Mariners v UNSW Magpies: Game 2

UNSW scored the opening goal of the match, followed by Mariners young gun Jordan Kremers-Taylor. UNSW then went on to score back to back goals to lead us 1-3. Unlike Thursday night’s game, the boys had gotten off to a rather slow start to the match. UNSW scored before quarter time to lead 1-4.

Petar Tomasevic scored the first of the second quarter as Freo got off to a fresh start. This was followed by a goal from UNSW, with Kremers-Taylor happy to trade goals with the opposition, scoring his 2nd of the match and putting us down by just two goals. Nick Redbond hit the score board soon after to take the scores to 4-5. UNSW replied with a goal before half time. Half Time score: 4-6.

The skipper Joel Swift came in to the match with his first goal and put us back within a goal. UNSW then scored a goal before Swift scored his second, showing signs of his goal scoring power that saw him represent Australia at the Rio Olympics.

UNSW got in to gear though with two goals in a row, taking their lead to 6-9 with one minute to go in the quarter. Kremers-Taylor then scored his third goal of the match to put is within two goals. UNSW really got going late, putting the game away with three consecutive goals to end the match as the Mariners went down by 5 goals.


GOALSCORERS: 3: Kremers-Taylor, 2: Swift, 1: Tomasevic, Redbond.

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