1 on 1 with Marlins captain Erin Redbond

Captain Erin Redbond following last years Bronze medal win

Fremantle Water Polo caught up with Marlins captain Erin Redbond before the squad flew over to Adelaide to tackle round 1.

It’s been a long few months of training getting ready for this first game, tell us a bit about the teams preparation and training

It’s been a few months in the making. Everyone’s looking forward to showing off the new gear and getting down and dirty in the water. Katie Finucane (Marlins coach) has been drilling us hard and we’ve had a few girls come back to the team in Lilian Hedges, Zoe Arancini, and Glencora McGhie which has really helped setting the tone amongst the group. The hard work and bonding this pre season by the girls should set us up for a really good start

Has this final week of training been any different knowing that the first match is so close?

The Marlins have always prided ourselves on training hard, training together as a team and doing what we have to do. We haven’t changed our training too much but have delved in to some tactics we will use against Adelaide.

How do you tackle the first game being on the road, especially with all the younger players?

It’s exciting. We’ve got a few young girls up and coming, especially our goalkeeper Manon , Stella, Lucy, and Nina. It’s a bit of a mental battle playing away and it’s up to us older girls as the leaders to lead the girls in the right direction and keep them focused on their skills and techniques.

Captain Erin Redbond in Action

Is there anything the team has emphasised during training?

Katie Finucane as coach is a great ex-Australian player who has all the skills and knowledge in the world. She has been focusing on specific tactics with our attack and defence, as well as utilising our extra man. Katie has really emphasised getting off to an early start so that we can set ourselves up for the season and not be playing catch up.

Has anyone been lighting up the pool or looked to improved on their seasons last year?

Most of the girls look really good. It’s amazing that Glencora McGhie has just popped out twins and is looking fitter and better than ever. The Australian girls Lilian (Hedges) and Zoe (Arancini) are always on fire. The young girls have just come back from nationals themselves and are fit as a fiddle.

The Marlins came away with 2 from 2 over the weekend against the Adelaide Jets. For the full match review click here!

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