Fremantle Water Polo 2019 AWL Round 5 Wrap up: Western Derby Edition

On March 2nd, we held the highly anticipated Western Derby against the UWA Torpedoes at our home venue, Bicton Pool. Coming off a 4 week break from our last game against the Adelaide Jets, the players were itching to get out into the pool and compete. Much also to the delight of our dedicated Freo fans, who flocked out in numbers to support both teams in what was the first home game of the season

A packed Bicton Pool

Fremantle Marlins (women) v UWA Torpedoes

The Marlins kicked things off at 6.30pm, with the girls getting off to a slow start, which saw UWA open the scoring. The Marlins had plenty of the ball early but struggled to gain any real composure as they looked to find their feet after a long lay off from AWL. “It is always a bit of a worry playing after such a big gap but we have been training well and I was confident that the team would come together well” Katie Finucane (Coach).

Marlins veterans Glencora McGhie and Kelly Parks scored our first two goals before UWA answered with their own. As the siren was about to sound to end the first quarter, the girls dished the ball to star Aussie Stinger and Marlin Zoe Arancini who scored a buzzer beater from half court. The score at the end of the 1st was 4-2 to the Marlins.

Marlins veteran Glencora McGhie looking dangerous

Fanny Valyi really got going in the 2nd quarter scoring 2 goals, one from a near impossible angle. This kick-started a flurry of goals from Marlins players as they took all the momentum. Madelaine Quinn, Zoe Arancini, Chloe Nella all cashed in to take the lead to 7-2 as the Marlins began to really dominate the Torpedoes.

The Torps had a few good looks at goal from transition, but Australian goalkeeper Lilian Hedges was a rock in defense for Fremantle, deflecting multiple goal scoring opportunities with confidence. As the Marlins looked to continue to pile on the goals, Chloe Nella got herself into good space and converted off a beautiful lob pass from Marlins teammate. The star of the night Arancini then scored again for her 4th of the match, continuing her amazing run of form which had her placed as the leagues top goal scorer after just 3 of a possible 10 games. This took the Marlins lead out to 10-2.

Goalkeeper Lillian Hedges in action

The UWA Torpedoes gave themselves a late consolation prize as Raney Remme scored late. Marlin Kate Abbey-Wardale then responded just before the final siren. Marlins win 11-3 in a complete team performance.


GOALSCORERS: 4. Z.Arancini, 2. F.Valyi, 1. K.Parks, M.Quinn, C.Nella, G.McGhie, S.Leavy

QUBE Player of the Round: Zoe Arancini

Hear from Marlins Coach Katie Finucane post-match: 

Coach Katie Finucane instructing her troops

How did it feel getting out in the pool after a month break since the last game against Adelaide? 

It is always a bit of a worry playing after such a big gap, but we have been training well and I was confident that the team would come together well.

Were you pleased with the performance? 

We had a bit of a slow start but our defence was strong right throughout the match and our attack come together well after the first quarter. I was very happy with the teams performance.

Which players stood out to you and why? 

Zoe (Arancini) has a great shot and she is a tough player that never gives up or backs down. Lil (Hedges) gives us a lot of confidence in defence as she is such a hard goalie to get past. Glencora (McGhie) provides a great level of experience and leadership in the water-helping guide the younger girls in the team.

How was it having Lilian Hedges back in goals? 

Lil is such a strong goalkeeper that it really adds an extra level of confidence in our defence. It was great to see her playing so well after being out with injury for a few weeks.

How will you prepare the girls with a short break before your next game on Friday against the Balmain Tigers? 

We will be working on our extra man attack and getting off to a good start. I don’t think we can afford to have a slow start against Balmain who have been playing extremely well so far this season. They have some key players that we will also have to look out for but we want to make sure that we dictate the pace and style of play throughout the game.

Fremantle Mariners (men) v UWA Torpedoes

The mens team got off to a great start, with Clancy Neesham opening the scoring for the match. Alastair Bruce scored next for his first, as his Mariners teammates got around the youngster. Inspirational Mariners skipper Joel Swift completed a team hat-trick of goals, scoring mid air off a lob pass to take the lead to 3-0.

Mariners Goalkeeper John Hedges floating on the water

The Torps responded quickly scoring one of their own. They came hard again for another shot on goal, but John Hedges made a terrific save. Hedges on debut looked very comfortable and composed at the top level. Tom Prior steadied the ship for the Mariners, scoring a powerful shot which bounced over the goalies head straight in to the net, putting the Mariners up 4-1.

The Torps were quick to respond again scoring back to back goals, letting Freo know that they were up for the fight in the Western Derby. Mariner Will Mackay scored a settler off a penalty to give the Mariners some much needed breathing space, leading 5-3. The Torps advanced forward again to respond, however Hedges in goals was solid in deflecting the shot. Jordan Kremers-Taylor slowly made his way in to the game and got the ball in his hands where he looked to score quickly, doing so with a ripping goal just before half time. HT score 6-3.

Jordan Kremers-Taylor poised for a shot

After opening the scoring for the match, C Neesham looked switched on early as he scored the first of the 3rd. C Neesham was looking sharp and dangerous all game. When he wasn’t scoring himself he was setting goals up in transition and passing to teammates in good positions. Will Mackay went on to score a powerful goal, followed by James Fannon who scored his first for the match, giving the Mariners the ascendance.

QUBE Player of the round, Clancy Neesham holding position

The Torps responded again with a much needed goal through Lach Pethic. They also scored the next, with these back to back goals reducing the Mariners lead to 4 goals. The Torps looked to have gained substantial momentum, as their teamwork and speed stood out. Captain Swift responded with a goal, steadying the Fremantle ship.

As had been a trend all match, UWA were quick to respond when the Mariners seemed to have gotten on top. The Torps scored back to back goals, reducing the deficit to just 3 goals. The Mariners led 10-7 and the Torps were coming hard, however time was running out. They came hard again on transition, however turned it over in a dangerous part of the ground. The experienced campaigner in Tim Neesham took the ball off the turnover and took the game in to his own hands, scoring a game saving goal which had all but ensured the Mariners would be victors in the Western Derby. Jordan Kremers-Taylor scored late to take the lead to 12-7. Lewis Putt, who was good for the Torps all game scored his 3rd goal just before the final siren.

The Mariners won 12-8 and although the Torps came hard at various stages, it was a comfortable 4 goal victory in the end.

GOALSCORERS: 2. W.Mackay, C.Neesham, J.Swift, J.Kremers-Taylor
1. T.Neesham, T.Prior, A.Bruce, J.Fannon

QUBE Player of the Round: C.Neesham

Hear from Mariners coach Laurie Trettel post match:

How did it feel getting out in the pool after a month break since the last game against Adelaide? 

It was great to play in front of our home crowd for the 1st time this season, particularly against UWA which is a great rivalry. The boys have been training really hard to prepare for the next few weeks of important games which will be crucial in setting up our chance to play finals. After a month off the boys were extremely excited and motivated to get a good result.  

Were you pleased with the performance? 

I was pleased in patches as we started to see the benefits of the hard work and the combinations between players which we have been working on. Given the month off, we were a bit rusty which resulted in a few lapses and skill errors, allowing UWA to stay in the game despite our dominance.

Which players stood out to you and why? 

Clancy Neesham – was instrumental in generating opportunities through counter attack and covered their counter attach really well. He also scored some nice Xman goals. 
Will Mackay – scored some crucial goals for us and was a big improvement on his performances against Adelaide. 
Joel Swift – was solid as ever in CF and showed his dominance against the UWA CBs, particularly in the 1st half. He was unlucky not to be rewarded with more opportunities when the game tightened up in the 2nd half. 

Thoughts on the performances of the debutants? 

John Hedges – was extremely solid in goals and made some key saves. 
Ali Bruce – has been working extremely hard over the past year and the game was just reward. He scored a nice goal and will no doubt improve as the season goes on. 
Harry Bruce – for a young player he very much held his own despite the size difference against his opponent. Provided a highlight at the end of the game when he nearly stole the ball from the UWA GK as time expired. 

How will you guys prepare with a short break before your next game on Friday against the Balmain Tigers?

We will continue to work on refining our game plan and ironing out a few errors that cropped up during the game. The focus will be on consistent play over 4 full quarters and 1 on 1 defence. We are also excited to welcome back Luke Pavillard into the lineup who will no doubt provide the fans with excitement with his elite skills. 


1 on 1 with Marlins captain Erin Redbond

Captain Erin Redbond following last years Bronze medal win

Fremantle Water Polo caught up with Marlins captain Erin Redbond before the squad flew over to Adelaide to tackle round 1.

It’s been a long few months of training getting ready for this first game, tell us a bit about the teams preparation and training

It’s been a few months in the making. Everyone’s looking forward to showing off the new gear and getting down and dirty in the water. Katie Finucane (Marlins coach) has been drilling us hard and we’ve had a few girls come back to the team in Lilian Hedges, Zoe Arancini, and Glencora McGhie which has really helped setting the tone amongst the group. The hard work and bonding this pre season by the girls should set us up for a really good start

Has this final week of training been any different knowing that the first match is so close?

The Marlins have always prided ourselves on training hard, training together as a team and doing what we have to do. We haven’t changed our training too much but have delved in to some tactics we will use against Adelaide.

How do you tackle the first game being on the road, especially with all the younger players?

It’s exciting. We’ve got a few young girls up and coming, especially our goalkeeper Manon , Stella, Lucy, and Nina. It’s a bit of a mental battle playing away and it’s up to us older girls as the leaders to lead the girls in the right direction and keep them focused on their skills and techniques.

Captain Erin Redbond in Action

Is there anything the team has emphasised during training?

Katie Finucane as coach is a great ex-Australian player who has all the skills and knowledge in the world. She has been focusing on specific tactics with our attack and defence, as well as utilising our extra man. Katie has really emphasised getting off to an early start so that we can set ourselves up for the season and not be playing catch up.

Has anyone been lighting up the pool or looked to improved on their seasons last year?

Most of the girls look really good. It’s amazing that Glencora McGhie has just popped out twins and is looking fitter and better than ever. The Australian girls Lilian (Hedges) and Zoe (Arancini) are always on fire. The young girls have just come back from nationals themselves and are fit as a fiddle.

The Marlins came away with 2 from 2 over the weekend against the Adelaide Jets. For the full match review click here!


1 on 1 with Mariners captain Joel Swift

We sat down with Fremantle Mariners captain Joel Swift before the team headed off to Adelaide for round 1 of the AWL Season.

Fremantle Water Polo Captain – Joel Swift

It’s been a long few months of training getting ready for this first game, tell us a bit about the teams preparation and training?

It’s a bit different this year. Some of the older guys have left the WAIS institute to focus on work commitments, stepping away from international water polo. This has created more of a team atmosphere as a lot of the boys have been training with Freo all year. The chemistry and bond with the boys is really good. We’re really prepared for round 1 and ready to go.

Has this final week of training been any different knowing that the first match is so close?

A few specific game tactics. Our fitness is there, so we really want to focus on how we want to play.

With yourself being a Rio Olympian, how do you share that experience with the younger players?

I try to lead by example at training and have a good attitude. We want our players to enjoy playing and have fun, but not muck around when it’s time to work and take things seriously. I’m always happy to share any coaching and tips with the younger guys where I can to help them improve.

Is there anything the team has emphasised during training?

 The spine of our team is really good. We’ve got some very good Centre Backs. We try to play through those players and are younger guys fill the peripheral positions and get on the attack and score for us.

Has anyone been lighting up the pool or looked to improved on their seasons last year?

We’ve had a lot of young guys come in and really push for a spot. These guys make it very competitive for a spot in the team. They continue to improve as a whole, making the depth of the squad a lot stronger. Training is more competitive because of this and it shows great signs for the future of our team.

The Mariners came away with 2 from 2 over the weekend against the Adelaide Jets. For the full match review click here!


Fremantle Water Polo 2019 AWL Round 1 Wrap up

On Friday night the Fremantle Water Polo squads made the trip to Adelaide
to kick off round 1 of the 2019 AWL Season, taking on the Adelaide Jets. Four matches were held over the weekend which saw Fremantle taking the “W” on each occasion. This meant both teams came away from the first round with the maximum 8 points. This was a great result, placing both the Mariners and Marlins on top of their league ladders respectively.

See below for more details on the action:

Marlins players after winning their first match of the season

GAME 1: Marlins (womens) defeated Adelaide (womens)

Full match score: 12-8

Throughout the first half, the Jets answered each of the Marlins goals, with scores locked at 4-4 at half time. The second half however saw the Marlins pull ahead to a four-goal lead, to finish up the game 12-8.

Goal Scorers: 4: Zoe Arancini, Fanny VALYI, 1: Sofia Chaves, Kate Abbey-Wardale, Erin Redbond, Pia Rodgers

GAME 2: Mariners (mens) defeated Adelaide (mens)

Full match score: 10-6

The Mariners kept their opposition scoreless in the first half, with captain Joel Swift leading from the front scoring 2 of his own. The second half saw six goals scored by each team, but the dominant early start by the Mariners team had done enough to set them up for victory, winning comfortably in the end by four goals.

Goal Scorers: 3: Joel Swift, 2: Timothy Neesham, Jordan Kremers-Taylor, 1: James Fannon, Clancy Neesham, Davis Verboon

Mariners players before their first game

GAME 3: Marlins (womens) defeated Adelaide (womens)

Full match score: 22-11

The Marlins 2nd match was a goal scoring bonanza, with a total of 35 goals scored. We came out of the blocks strong, ending the first quarter with a three goal lead.

The Marlins kept the opposition goalless in the second quarter and charged forward with another three goals finishing the first half with a 12-5 lead. The second half saw the Jets regain some composure, however the Marlins were two strong and showed exceptional power in the last half of the road trip, motoring through to take the win 22-13.

Goal Scorers: 7: Zoe Arancini, 4: Lara Zimmerman, 3: Madeleine Quinn, Erin Redbond, 2: Fanny VALYI, Sarah Leavy, 1: Pia Rodgers

GAME 4: Mariners (mens) defeated Adelaide (mens)

Full match score: 11-10

The second mens game for the weekend got off to a great start with the Mariners leading 3-0 after the first quarter. The second quarter saw Fremantle trade goals with Adelaide, finishing the half ahead at 7-3.

In the second half Adelaide fought back with a vengeance, drawing ahead at 7-8, midway through the 3rd quarter. The final few minutes of the quarter saw a flurry of goals from Fremantle with 2 quick goals in succession from the “Montenegrin Monolith”, Tomasevic and the conversion of a penalty by Kremers-Taylor – The Mariners maintained a lead of 2 heading into the final quarter.

In the final quarter Fremantle were again met with a fiesty reception from the home town team. With veterans James Fannon and Nick Redbond both out of the game with 3 fouls the team needed to dig deep. In the final 2 minutes of the game the Jets managed to get back within a goal at 10-11.

With 45 seconds to go, a classically intense encounter between Tim Neesham and the opposition saw the home team awarded a penalty. The only thing stopping the Jets from pulling level was 19 year old Mariners goal keeper Flynn Mais. With the weight of the team on his shoulders, Mais managed to keep his nerve and block the shot. The Mariners held on in a nail biter to win 10-11.

Goal Scorers: 4: Petar Tomasevic, Jordan Kremers-Taylor, 1: Joel Swift, James Fannon, Timothy Neesham

AWL Stat Leaders:

Rio Olympian Zoe Arancini and returning Mariner Jordan Kremers-Taylor, who has returned this season after two seasons playing in the French League, performed exceptionally well. They currently sit first and second on the league top goal scorers list with 11 and 6 goals respectively.

Both our teams will resume training ahead of our next match on Saturday March 2nd against the UWA Torpedoes at our home ground in Bicton. Stay tuned in to our Facebook and Website to keep up to date and follow us on our journey in season 2019!


Australian captain Zoe Arancini leads her country to a series win over Japan

Over the weekend the Australian women’s team made a clean sweep of their Test Match series against Japan at the Valley Pool in Brisbane. Fremantle Marlin, Zoe Arancini captained the Aussie Stingers who won the decider 20-9 in a dominate performance.

Arancini, a Rio Olympian and 3 time AWL Champion (07′, 08′, and 14′), had this to say about the series: “Great way to start, two wins from two. You can’t ask for a better way to start and we’ll look to improve on our performances throughout the year.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever played in front of a crowd like this in Australia since the World Championships in 2007. It’s so fantastic to see all the juniors out here tonight to cheer us and the men on,” said Arancini.

Lilian Hedges

Joined by Arancini was fellow Fremantle Marlin, Lilian Hedges. Hedges, is an accomplished goalkeeper who is coming off a massive 2018 season where she was voted as the 2018 FINA World League Intercontinental Cup Goalkeeper of the Tournament. Lilian and Zoe enjoying the sights in Budapest


This is great preparation for the girls for the season opener of the AWL OVO 2019 Season on Saturday February 2. The Marlins will play against the Adelaide Jets in Adelaide, with their first home match of the season locked in at the Bicton Pool for March 2nd against the UWA Torpedoes.

To follow FWP please stay up to date with our website and social media pages as we move closer to AWL 2019!